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Family and Community Service of Delaware County

Who We Are

FCSDC provides community based behavioral health, trauma/Domestic Violence and substance abuse services to adults, youth and children along with specialized medical case management services to fragile medical populations including those with HIV. In addition, we provide sponsored housing programs to reduce homelessness and reduce hunger.   We also coordinate the DIFAN network of 20 churches and food pantries to distribute emergency manage food distribution.




The Agency provides services from offices in Media and Clifton Heights, the Ralph Moses House in Chester, and in other community locations including schools in the Upper Darby School District. 

What We Do

Community Based Services
Outpatient Adult, Youth and Child Counseling
Our experienced counselors work with adults, youth and children to support recovery in the face of trauma/domestic violence, serious medical diagnoses, divorce, job loss, autism adjustment and other major life events. We use strength-based treatment planning and evaluation to improve resiliency and outcomes. We accept most insurances and a sliding scale is available.
Substance Abuse Counseling
We handle a large continuum of substance abuse from opioid and painkillers, to alcohol as well as “soft addictions” such as gambling and shopping in a compassionate and effective manner. We accept referrals from courts for DUI services and have educational programs available for aftercare and codependency issues. Many substance abuse issues are also covered by private insurance.
Specialized Chronic Disease Management
FCSDC has a long and well known history in supporting individuals living with chronic diseases. We can help with medical case management, counseling, medication management, navigating the healthcare system and other issues related to a new or chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, pain, HIV and others.
Sponsored Human Service Services
In addition to our community based services, we also have a number of sponsored programs for vulnerable families. All of these are funded via grants and contributions and we are always looking for volunteers and corporate collaborations.
Emergency Food Distribution
FCSDC has been a partner in the fight against hunger for many years. We administer the distribution of food through a network of 20 social service agencies and church based emergency food centers. This project is a collaborative between FCSDC and the DelCo Interfaith Food Assistance Network (DIFAN).
Programs to Vulnerable Families:
Second Time Around Parents: a program for grandparents (and other relative caregivers) raising their grandchildren due to parental drug and alcohol or mental health problems. Services include separate educational and support groups for grandparents and grandchildren, counseling, case management, a Stop-In Center for grandparents, and opportunities for socialization for grandparents and children.
Strengthening Families 10-14 (SFP) - This is an evidence-based family intervention which enhances parents’ general child management skills, parent-child relationships, and family communication. SFP is based on a developmental model and starts with the assumption that increasing the family’s protective processes while decreasing potential risk factors can have a positive impact on a child’s future, with the result that problem behaviors are reduced or avoided. In addition, SFP seeks to delay the onset of adolescent alcohol and substance use by improving family communication and parenting practices. FCS currently implements SFP with children and their families in the Upper Darby School District.
Programs for Homelessness:
Permanent Supportive Housing Program - FCS partners with the Delaware County Housing Authority to provide intensive case management services to single adults or families with children who have been homeless and are in recovery from mental health and substance abuse problems. Selected candidates are provided with ongoing financial assistance in the form of rental subsidy vouchers which can be used to secure an apartment within the County. Intensive case management services assist clients with budgeting, household management, job training and employment, attendance at appointments with treatment providers, and other individual client goals.
Permanent Supportive Housing Program for Chronically Homeless Individuals - Fifteen chronically homeless individuals are provided with housing and intensive case management services. These services are targeted to individuals who are in recovery from mental health and/or substance abuse disorders and may include physical illness, injury or trauma.
Programs for Specialized Medical Populations:
Services to Persons Living with HIV and AIDS - Medical Case Management, counseling, education and advocacy are provided to persons living with HIV/AIDS, their family members and loved ones. Supportive services including assistance with transportation, housing, food and nutrition, and emergency financial needs are provided.
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education - HIV/AIDS Prevention Education presentations are provided to students attending Delaware County schools and colleges. Services are also provided to churches, senior centers, and other interested groups and organizations. Intensive one-to-one counseling is provided to those persons who are either HIV-positive or to those whose behaviors place them at high risk of contracting the disease. The goal of the counseling program is to assist individuals with reducing their high risk behaviors. HIV/AIDS prevention services include the provision of HIV testing and counseling.
Ralph Moses House - This program, located in Chester, provides supportive, transitional housing for ten formerly homeless men living with HIV and AIDS. The project assists residents to manage their health challenges more effectively, while also learning skills needed to live independently and self sufficiently. Residents generally live in the House for six months to a year before graduating to permanent, independent housing in the community; the average length of stay is about nine months.


Western and Administrative Office Eastern Ralph Moses House
600 N. Olive Street 37 N. Glenwood Avenue 2500 W. 10th Street
Media, PA 19063 Clifton Heights, PA 19018 Chester, PA 19013
610-566-7540 610-626-5800 610-859-3806

Community Impact Partner Agency of the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
PA Licensed Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility
PA Licensed Outpatient Mental Health Provider
An Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider


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