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Carson Valley Children's Aid

Who We Are

Mission: Carson Valley Children's Aid is dedicated to delivering services to children, youth and families that ensure their safety, build on their strengths, honor their differences and empower them to achieve their goals for success in life. Vision: For children, youth and families to realize their potential and thrive. Carson Valley Children’s Aid Carson Valley School In 1907, Robert N. Carson, a childless Philadelphia trolley magnate, provided five million dollars to establish a decentralized rural children’s village for the benefit and education of poor, white, healthy girls. Carson fixed the ages at which girls could be admitted and graduate into the community and insisted that the college avoid the appearance of charity, that the girls be trained as individuals, that they not be dressed uniformly, that they be given a practical English education, and that those who were capable and so desired be trained in music and the arts. Carson also provided roughly one hundred acres of his famed Erdenheim Stock Farm near Chestnut Hill establish the basis of the Flourtown campus. Elsa Euland (1888–1980), President of Carson College from 1917-1960, established a program of education that brought fame to the institution. Euland established a model of progressive education that included academic and vocational training enhanced by studies in art, music, dance and drama. Multi-disciplinary teams of professionals acknowledged creative play as fundamental to children’s well-being while focusing on the psychological understanding of children’s growth and development. The residential school’s curriculum of academic, social and vocational skills was far advanced of the public schools at this time. In 1940, Carson’s admissions policy broadened from serving orphans to serving children who could benefit from a group living program. In 1947, brothers of residents seen as part of a “family” were admitted to the College and in 1965 Carson began accepting youth regardless of race, color or gender and began receiving funding from public sources. Carson Valley School and Children’s Aid Society merged in 2008 establishing the combined entity, Carson Valley Children’s Aid (CVCA), as a foremost provider of services for children, youth and families. CVCA provides a continuum of care to more than 12,000 children, youth and families.

What We Do

For more than 100 years, Carson Valley Children’s Aid has provided family based services throughout the Delaware Valley. CVCA’s services are provided in neighborhood centers located at Allegheny West, Logan Olney, New Covenant, Norristown and on the campus in Flourtown, PA. Carson Valley Children’s Aid offers a wide variety of interventions and supports for children, youth and families who have experienced trauma. These services are designed to focus on the strengths of individuals in developing skills to address their needs and setting goals that lead to successful lives. CVCA is distinguished by its agency-wide trauma-informed approach along with a fundamental belief that children, youth and families are capable of overcoming adversity, fulfilling their potential and thriving. Throughout these locations are more than 29 programs designed to provide a continuum of services that support children, youth and families in the following areas: Behavioral Health Services Residential Services Education Early Childhood Education Family Support Services In-Home Prevention Services Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Out of Home Services


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