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Catholic Social Services

Who We Are

Martha's Choice Marketplace operates within Catholic Social Services of Montgomery County Family Service Center. Our aim is to empower our neighbors in need to build better lives and communities in our area. In addition to providing access to basic needs like food and community support in our choice model food pantry, parenting education, and job search assistance, we are building the foundations for more community cooperation and collaboration between our client families, partner organizations and other community resources to improve lives and create opportunities.

What We Do

Martha’s Choice Marketplace (MCM) is revolutionizing the emergency food system. Our choice model pantry is changing the way the community thinks about food insecurity by providing clients with dignity, hope and opportunity through individual and personal choice. The largest food pantry in Montgomery County, serving over 900 families each month, not only provides clients with the very normal experience of shopping for their own groceries, we provide a holistic approach to hunger prevention by continually expanding our capacity for fresh, healthy foods, building a stronger network of food suppliers and providing an easily accessible portal to a wide array of other empowering services, via Catholic Social Services, including job search assistance, resume writing, nutritional education, parenting classes, volunteer welfare assistance programs and much more.


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